From Hackathons to Highland Games: Inmanta’s Teambuilding Triumph

July 27, 2023 by
Kaleigh Downing

Three times a year, Inmanta brings the international team together for a week to foster stronger relationships. We dedicate an entire week to unleashing our inner innovators, igniting creativity, and building powerful bonds. During our last teambuilding week in May, we kicked things off with fun and informative presentations on our favorite topics. Then we moved on to many great brainstorming sessions, capture-the-flag hacking addition, and more. But the real highlight was the intensive Highland Games

Inspired by the traditional Scottish event, we faced a series of mind-blowing team challenges such as tossing and sawing logs, archery competition, and throwing horseshoes. These games put our coordination, strategy, and problem-solving skills to the ultimate test. We split into 2 clans and cheered each other on like maniacs, fueled by fierce rivalries and an insatiable hunger for glory. Battle cries echoed as we conquered obstacles and laughed in the face of adversity. 

Picture this: kilts swaying, adrenaline pumping, and the triumphant clan of Ian (Mac)Ginn belting out their victory shout, “Fromage!” Yeah, we brought some incredibly cheesy enthusiasm to the mix. 

Following the exhilaration of the Highland Games, we gathered as a unified team to share an unforgettable dinner. We enjoyed delicious food with specialty cocktails and engaged in conversations. As we reflected on our week, we shared stories and deepened the bonds we had built. 

As we look back on how we work & play hard with our international teammates, we are excited to see what the next teambuilding has in store! 

About Inmanta:

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Kaleigh Downing July 27, 2023
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