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We are looking for people with a passion for technology and innovation who want to build the next-gen automation tools for 5G and zero-trust networks.

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Life @ Inmanta

Here at Inmanta, we prioritize the well-being and development of our team members, fostering an environment where they feel empowered and inspired to excel. Our primary focus is to ensure they are happy, in good health, and attain personal growth.  We believe that by investing in our team's individual success, we collectively achieve outstanding results.

If you're excited about shaping the future of automation tools in 5G and zero-trust networks, we're your kind of crew. We're on a mission to transform these fields, and we need passionate, forward-thinking individuals to join us. 

So, if you're up for a tech adventure and want to be part of something big, Inmanta is the place for you.

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Benefits & perks of working @ Inmanta

Love to learn

Continuous learning

Our team is made up of innovators with a desire to learn and be challenged every day. Whether it is automation, cloud, 5G, security, or containers..., we eat it all. 

We commit to delivering exceptional quality and to continuously improve our software products as well as our customers' experience.  

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Personal growth

Learn, grow and excel at what you do! A collaborative environment energizes our team. Your colleagues will help guide and sharpen your skills. This enables you to deep dive into projects that are truly challenging without lacking support. Team leads and the founders are always available to answer your questions or help with issues.

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Comfortable work

We make sure you don't lack anything to do your job comfortably. This includes a powerful (unmanaged) laptop and a large screen with a docking station, standing desks and ergonomic chairs - yes, we care about your back. 

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Our modern office in Leuven provides a comfortable place where you can work independently or in a team. While we believe the office has its merit for exchanging ideas, a new perspective, or simply a good chat or lunch with your colleagues, we have a very flexible hybrid working model. You can work remote whenever you want.   

Open positions

Sales Support

 Hands-on role combines elements of inside sales and sales development

Lead Gen / Pipeline Management / Lead Nurturing / Full-time / Belgium (Leuven office)

Solutions Engineer

Solutions engineer within solutions engineering team
5G / ZTN / Automation / Software / Full-time / Remote work possible (EU timezone)             

Software Engineer

Software engineer within product development team
Full-time / Python / No work experience required / Remote work possible (EU timezone)


Don't see an open position that matches your profile but still interested in Inmanta? 

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