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Deploy & manage mobile private networks at scale 

Inmanta MPN Orchestrator (MPNO) is an end-to-end orchestration solution for multi-vendor private 4G and 5G networks, enabling MNOs and system integrators to maximize economies of scale and reduce lead times

One-click deployment to ensure speed & agility

According to EY, 57% of enterprises plan to invest in 5G in the next one to three years. Scaling your operations to efficiently deploy and manage mobile private networks (MPN), including 5G-in-a-box and network slices, will be critical.

Inmanta MPNO automates the entire deployment and management of MPNs, across edge, transport, RAN and datacenter/cloud. You can compose your MPN through pre-defined service models and even support a self-service portal and API for on-demand changes and deployment of applications. This ensures a cloud-like customer experience and cuts down the lead time from weeks to minutes.

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Reduce operational effort through scalable lifecycle management

Inmanta MPNO enables MNOs and system integrators to scale to 1.000s of MPNs in a cost-efficient and reliable way. Maximize your operational productivity thanks to Inmanta's intent-based approach and focus on what matters most — providing exceptional service to your customers.

Experience the convenience and reliability of Inmanta MPNO and revolutionize your network management approach.

Effortless distributed deployment

Deploy your MPN end-to-end, across multiple vendors and domains.

Manage many MPNs in parallel

Centralized orchestration to heavily reduce the load on the operations team

Automated lifecycle management

Out-of-the-box support for seamless upgrades, self-healing and roll-back 

Enhanced stability & resilience

Strong consistency across all MPNs, avoiding divergence and legacy

See how Inmanta MPNO can help you

One size doesn't fit all 

Openness and flexibility are at the core of our approach. Inmanta MPNO is designed to be vendor agnostic and future-proof, ensuring you are in the driver's seat when it comes to innovation. Stay ahead of the emerging trends and technologies with the tools and flexible framework provided by Inmanta.

  • Freely select best-of-breed components, as Inmanta flawlessly integrates with various mobile core solutions and C/VNFs, network equipment vendors, virtualization, container and cloud platforms.

  • Avoid lock-in into specific ecosystems with associated constraints (e.g. pre-defined scope and fixed set of built-in edge applications).

  • Streamline your operations and accelerate time-to-market through automated testing and validation
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